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The Personal Info part of the Back Office gives you your Back Office link, the important links you need to market your Mini-Mall and Affiliate Opportunity, all your personal information, and the opportunity to change your personal information.

Important Personal Information and Links!

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Use Your Affiliate ID - [PAGENAME] in the AFFILIATE LOGIN on any page of the site - along with the Password that was emailed to you to get to your Back-Office.

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This is the address that you will use to access your Affiliate Information, Training, News, Products, Sales Tools, Product Sales and Commission Reports for

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This is the address that you will use to promote the products in your Mini-Mall through e-mail and banners.

My Opportunity Site Address[PAGENAME]

This is the address that you will use to promote your opportunity to your Family, Friends and Business Associates. This SITE will earn you BIG COMMISSIONS! Home Page

If you prefer you can direct people to the SuccessDirectUSA home page and give them your Referred By Affiliate ID: [PAGENAME] and that will send them to your Website.

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