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General F.A.Q.

Q. Who is
A. We are an Internet Marketing Company selling Hot Products & Services from our online Mini-Mall. We do this through a FREE membership-based affiliate program. We have taken the best of affiliate and referral marketing and created an outstanding home-based business opportunity for the Average Person to make an above average income.

You can enroll as a FREE Affiliate and start making MONEY immediately then you can upgrade to the RESELLER Membership and CREATE A FULL-TIME INCOME.
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Q. What is Affiliate Marketing?
A. Affiliate Marketing is a way for individuals or companies to earn commission for selling other companies products and services on the Internet. It accounts for billions of dollars of e-commerce annually. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry will give you one.
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Q. How does Affiliate Marketing work?
A. A small website owner registers with an affiliate program and if you don’t have one don’t worry we will give you one. The small website owner then puts various links, banners, and products on their website and when the visitors click on these links and purchase a product or service, the small website owner is paid a commission for generating the sale. In addition to the traditional affiliate marketing program, we have a unique plan that also pays our Affiliates for referring other people to their website who then enroll as an Affiliate.
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Q. What is a self-replicating website?
A. A self-replicating website is a website that duplicates itself every time an Affiliate enrolls in the program. This site is an exact copy of the main website except for the Referring Affiliate name. Your name will appear on all pages of the website. This will allow you to receive credit for all your Mini-Mall and RESELLER Affiliate Membership sales. When you enroll in the program you will receive an email welcoming you to our family. It will identifying your unique website address, user ID, and password.
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Q. Where are our memberships available?
A. As of now you can become a FREE or RESELLER Affiliate anywhere in the world. We are working to offer international products and services late this year or early 2004.
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Q. What is "NO FEAR" Marketing?
A. "NO FEAR" Marketing is a way for each and every person to fulfill their dreams by building a very lucrative, residual income with ease and professionalism. SuccessDirectUSA has designed a program where everyone, and we do mean everyone, can achieve the level of success you desire. And it doesn't matter whether or not you are a professional business person or a person who has business experience what so ever.

By using "NO FEAR" Marketing, we've eliminated the fear of rejection and the fear of talking with strangers. Imagine having 1,000 Affiliates in your organization that have "NO FEAR" because they are using a system that will expose their business to thousands every month; your business will explode! Duplication is a must in this business and with "NO FEAR" Marketing, everyone can succeed.
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Q. What is "SPAM"?
A. There are several ways of sending e-mail that we consider SPAM:

  1. Sending any e-mail with our name or any of our website addresses to anyone who has not first requested this information.
  2. Sending any e-mail with our name or any of our website addresses, to any type of "Safe List" or through any type of "Safe List" service.
  3. Sending any e-mail with our name or any of our website addresses, to any type of "lead" or "prospect" before you have received a request for more information.
  4. Sending any e-mail with our name or any of our website addresses, as part of a thank you letter as a result of a posting to a classified ad site or a FFA (Free For All Link) site.
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Q. What is our "SPAM" policy?
A. ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING! You may not send e-mail with's name or URL (website address) in any form to people you do not know, or who do not know you, including "opt-in" or "safe" lists. Violating this policy WILL result in termination of your membership. We absolutely must protect the integrity of this program.
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Q. Can I advertise?
A. Yes, as long as the or any of our website addresses are not mentioned in any way, nor linked in any to website in your advertisements or e mails, you may pursue any advertising you wish and e-mail anything that you wish.

If you are pursuing some type of opt-in advertising, there is still a chance that you will generate a complaint. Design your ads to get the prospect to respond for more information. At that point, the follow up e-mail you send is not Spam. As long as you can produce a copy of the specific request to refute any complaints that we might receive you will not have an issue with SPAM.
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Q. Can I develop my own marketing materials?
A. Yes. You may cut and paste from the website, write your own letters, or create your own business cards or brochures, but you may not make any claims that we do not make on our website.
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Q. How many ways are there to get started?
A. Two. You can enroll as a FREE Affiliate or RESELLER Affiliate.
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Q. How do I get started?
A. First go to the and enter the ID of the person who referred you and click "Go" then "Earn Now" and then "I'm Ready To Join" and fill out the form to enroll as FREE Affiliate.

Once you get your e-mail notification with your Affiliate ID, password, and URL, go to your Back Office by clicking on Affiliate Login at the top of any page of the site and enter your Affiliate ID and password. Once you get there follow the instructions and start making money today!
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Q. Do I have to buy a starter kit?
A. No. The basic support information and material you will need is accessible free on our website. You can print anything you wish whenever you need it.
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Q. How will I know about new developments?
A. All announcements and updates will be posted in your Back-Office under Company news. In addition, when important changes happen you will receive updates via e-mail. That's the beauty of the Internet, it is extremely easy to communicate important information quickly.
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Q. What happens if I change or cancel my email address?
A. You must notify in advance of you changing your email address in order to prevent you from missing any update e-mails and e-mail notices when FREE and RESELLER Affiliates enroll on your website.
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Q. Do I have to inventory anything?
A. Absolutely nothing. Our Affiliate Memberships do not require you to inventory any products. We inventory and ship your customer's orders for you. The only thing we want you to do is send visitors to your site and we will send you your commission check!
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Q. Can I mail in my application?
A. No. The only way to enroll is online.
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