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Company Mission Statement is joining the fight to end HUNGER in the United States. Our mission is to create community awareness through our Affiliates, who will take positive action to END HUNGER throughout the United States while operating their own e-commerce home-based business. We intend to donate up to 10% of our net income to local food banks in the United States. This will be accomplished through an affiliation with the End Hunger Network, a foundation started by Jeff Bridges.

During the coming year we will involve our Affiliates in a Charity Promotion. It will not only raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the End Hunger Network, but will also expand public consciousness along and allow your business to grow with complete integrity.


  • Hunger contributes to child mortality in the U.S. Ten out of every one thousand children die before reaching their fifth birthday, a higher rate than in any other developed country.
  • Hunger in the United States has increased by 50% since 1985.
  • Hunger is a way of life for 27 million Americans.
  • The Second Harvest National Food Bank Network released a study in 1998 showing that the food bank network of emergency food providers serves more than 25.7 million people. The study found that children make up a significant portion of emergency food clients. Nearly 38 percent of emergency food clients surveyed were age 17 or younger. In 38.6 percent of client households, one or more adults was working.


It's Your Choice!


...Make a difference... will provide the avenue to make a difference. Each member will have the opportunity to contribute to their local food banks to assist within their own communities.

...Be the difference... will donate 10% or more of our net income to food banks in the United States and around the world through End Hunger Network.

...See the difference... and its members will take positive action to end hunger by creating awareness of the problem and through generous donations.

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