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1. Choose a Membership Upgrade Option:
RESELLER Membership Upgrade
When you upgrade your membership to RESELLER you are purchasing the complete Reseller Package shown under the Preview Reseller Site button in your Back-Office.
MONTHLY RESELLER Affiliate - Enclosed is $39.97 for my first (1st) month. Learn More!
I have read the Monthly RESELLER Payment Statement

ANNUAL RESELLER Affiliate - Executive Reseller Special Offer - Enclosed is $400.00. Learn More!
I have read the EXECUTIVE RESELLER Special Offer - Annual RESELLER Payment Statement

Your best option is to upgrade to an Annual RESELLER. This option gives you all the benefits of the Monthly RESELLER Affiliate Membership plus an $80 Savings for pre-paying your RESELLER membership, an Affiliate ID Change for FREE ($25 savings), and participation in the RESELLER NAME ROTATOR for FREE ($250 savings).

Choose the EXECUTIVE RESELLER Special Offer to save $355.00 now!

The EXECUTIVE RESELLER SPECIAL OFFER will expire on September 30, 2003.

Reseller Name ROTATOR FREE with the "EXECUTIVE RESELLER Special Offer" in this section!
(A savings of $250)
Change Affiliate ID: included FREE with the Annual RESELLER upgrade.
Affiliate ID Change

An Affiliate ID Change will allow you to choose an ID that will be easier for your prospects to remember. Your automatically assigned ID will start with two letters and be followed by a unique number but if you want to change your ID to something else you can do that in this section. Just give us your first three choices and the first one that is available will be yours. Learn More!

2. Read and Check Box:
Tax Responsibility, Terms & Conditions and Non-Refundable Statement
I understand that I am an Independent Sales Representative and not an employee of Success Direct International, LLC. I understand that I am responsible for the payment of all State and Federal taxes on commissions earned which will be provided on a 1099 Income Statement at the end of the year. I also have read and agree to Success Direct Intternational Terms & Conditions and No Spam Policy.
I understand that all payment options below are Non-Refundable, that I am a FREE Affiliate and have the right to continue earning commissions under the FREE Affiliate commission program. I understand that these options are Non-Refundable, because all upgrade commissions are paid to my Referring Affiliate within 24 - 72 hours.
I accept this Non-Refundable Payment Statement and waive all refund remedies.
3. International Payment Option:
International Affiliates - or PayPal

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