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February 14, 2003, Boca Raton, FL— Hunger is a way of life for over 20 million Americans. One company is out to provide an avenue for change. is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative website, which marries shopping and earning for the most profitable shopping experience on the web. This opportunity requires no investment; prospective members can sign up for FREE and start making and saving money immediately.

The most exciting part is that up to 10% of the company’s net income will be donated to food banks in the United States through the End Hunger Network and The Jeff Bridges Foundation. is working to raise awareness and funds, while helping average people become successful business owners.

With a FREE Affiliate Membership, those with no marketing experience can gain the professional edge to start a business from the comfort of home. Financial rewards are determined by an individual Affiliate’s goals. For some it’s the chance to earn extra money to pay for family vacations; for others it’s a lucrative career, which allows them to exceed the earnings of previous careers.

The system works by using existing Internet infrastructure to capitalize on the current wave of web-shopping. After four years of research, experts have developed the most lucrative Compensation Plan on the Internet today. It uses the Referral Marketing Concept to build long term residual income with an opportunity that pays the highest commissions on the Internet.

The company’s team of marketing specialists has streamlined the process of starting an E-commerce venture. They provide Affiliates with personal websites and have created a free, easy-to-follow training system, which teaches traditional and high-tech marketing methods. Every Affiliate can get all the tools needed for success with the click of a mouse.

Whether you want to SHOP or EARN, has something for everyone. And with millions of starving children waiting for donations to pour in, it’s an opportunity worth exploring.

For more information on’s extensive line of products or to receive your FREE Membership and start making a difference today, visit them on the web at

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