1. MasterCard PayCard FAQs

The MasterCard Paycard allows you to receive your commissions daily.

Option 1: If you want the MasterCard PayCard there are two ways you can get one. The first is to pay $29.95 and you will receive a PayCard credited with $20 that is yours. The additional $9.95 covers the cost of issuing the card plus shipping and handling. If you choose this option check the first box.

Option 2: Wait until your commissions owed exceeds $25. At which time your card will be issued with you commissions credited to it less the $9.95. This option may delay your commissions as much as two weeks since the PayCard hasn't been issued. If you choose this option check the second box.

If you decide not to get the MasterCard PayCard, your commission check will be mailed the last day of each month.