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AI RoboForm is a password manager and one-click web form filler
with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside. What it can do:
• Save password info from login form.
• Auto fill password info to login form.
• Automatic login to online accounts.
• Fill long online forms from Identities.
• Save "offline passwords" to Safenotes.
• Generate Secure Random Passwords.
• Encrypt passwords using 3-DES.
• Backup & Restore, Print passwords.
• More features: drill down for more.

RoboForm is FREE with some limitations.
• Unlimited version costs $27.95.
• It is well-behaved: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE.
• Works under Windows as an add-on to browser:
Internet Explorer, AOL(8), MSN(8), NN7, Mozilla.
• RoboForm license and privacy policy.

For Consumer
Shop Online Faster: RoboForm fills your checkout forms.
Job Hunting Made Easy: RoboForm fills job applications for you.
Get Freebies Faster: RoboForm fills Sweepstakes Entry forms.

For Business
• Single Sign On for Enterprise.
• Form filling in applications.
• Private Label RoboForm.
• Shell Ltd licenses RoboForm.
• Discover Card uses RoboForm technology in Discover DeskShop.

"My favourite password manager... Easy to use, does not pop up ads in my face or grab information from me. Most importantly, it simply works well." Financial Times

"Easy to use and without any hidden spyware... Innovative, lean, useful product." Wall Street Journal

"Best of all, this program simply works well. We have yet to see a Web-based form stump it. PC Magazine.

"Add AI RoboForm to your list of must-have downloads." Tech TV

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