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The Three Steps to Repair your Credit

  1. Remove
  2. Negotiate
  3. Follow-up

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Know Your Rights

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Discover the Secrets of Credit Repair, and Say
"Good-Bye" to Your Credit History...

John Quiznio
"Don't ask me to explain my first marriage. My credit was a mess until I ordered Ultimate Credit Repair."

Mrs. Quincy
"7 years is an unfair time to wait, so I ordered Ultimate Credit Repair."

Miss Thompson
"Hey, I made a few mistakes along the way. Then I ordered Ultimate Credit Repair."

Imagine...Legally putting your credit history behind you? Finally, it's possible...

Did you know that you can challenge anything on your credit reports... And if it's not verified within 30 days, it must legally be removed!

You should be using this secret to your advantage immediately...

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf and start down the road to awesome credit regardless of your credit history?

Would you like to learn how to negotiate with your creditors and reduce what you owe?

Master the "Big 3" and there's simply no way to fail...

  • STEP 1 - Remove bad entries from your credit reports!
  • STEP 2 - Negotiate with your creditors!
  • STEP 3 - Follow-Up! (it's amazingly simple, and you'll see why!)

Perform these 3 steps and you'll finally get the credit you deserve... I don't care how bad your credit is...


"Knowledge is a powerful thing..."

-- Stanley Hixter

I read about credit repair courses for years and didn't think it was possible. Thanks for giving me the "know-how" I needed.

Your course was easy to follow and it worked! Just asking for some things to be verified got them removed.

Removing just 1 item entry improved by credit score by 35 points...

It's like you said: "It's all about knowing how the system works."

You'll soon discover what it's like to have great credit. I'm talking about a credit score in the 700s and never getting turned down for another loan or credit card application as long as you live...

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Credit is a collection of battle-proven letters and strategies that stops at nothing to show you how to improve your credit.

It's all about knowledge and knowing how the system works.

And unlike any other product on the market, my course includes step-by-step diagrams outlining everyone of my battle-proven strategies...

And each diagram has a set of instructions that explain what to do and say every step of the way. Why diagrams you might ask?

Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words...

Repairing your credit and negotiating is not hard, believe me... When you get right down to it, all we're talking about is sending some letters and making a few phone calls.

But, it's like anything else. It's easy after you know what to do...

So, if you've never tried to improve your credit or negotiate, how would you prefer to learn? By reading a bunch of chapters and hoping you understand what they mean, or by looking at diagrams that make the chapters crystal-clear?

If you're not sure the diagrams will be helpful, review other courses and see for yourself... but you'll be back...

It doesn't matter whether you're sending your first letter or you're following up on a previous letter:

1) Follow the diagrams.

2) Use the suggested letter. (the course includes 11 proven letters and 2 negotiator agreements...)

3) Fill in your name and address.

4) Mail the letter, and you're done.

5) Follow-up is complete! (now you see why Follow-up is so simple...)

After receiving several e-mails from excited customers telling me how easy the diagrams made everything, I immediately started working on diagrams for all the strategies...

"The diagrams were a HUGE PART of my success..."

-- Paul Lemos

I was skeptical but figured I'd take a chance. If I wasn't 110% satisfied I was going to test your refund policy immediately.

But after just 2 minutes of reviewing the course I realized this thing could really work. And the diagrams were a HUGE PART of my success.

The diagrams on negotiating and challenging bad entries with creditors made everthing super simple and easy to follow.

Hope you don't mind... your course is now being used by family members and friends. All of a sudden I've become everybody's heroe.

Thanks for showing me the way to something I never thought I would have...
A credit score of 700!

Your course was worth every dime and then some.


So today's course has step-by-step diagrams to teach you how to...

  • Create an overall plan
  • Challenge a bad entry with a credit bureau
  • Challenge a bad entry with a creditor
  • Stop collection agencies cold
  • Negotiate successfully (exactly what to do and say...)
  • Win in Small Claims Court (exactly what to do and say...)

Want to get off to a blazing start? Download the course, go straight to the diagrams, and start sending our your first letters within minutes...

Buy Now!

Here's How To Master The "Big 3"

STEP 1 - Challenge bad entries on your credit reports...

Actually, before challenging bad entries, if you're receiving harassing phone calls from collection agencies or creditors, I immediately send you to Chapter 2 - What To Do About Collection Agencies.

Then we move on to removing bad entries...

Most of the time, bad entries are removed by sending just 1 letter.

When that doesn't work, you'll go straight to the diagram and see what to do next... That's the part that credit bureaus and creditors don't want you to know.

Here's what you're going to learn:

How to get your credit reports for FREE...
And I don't mean by signing up for a credit monitoring service that you have to cancel within 30 days. Do you have any idea how many people forget to cancel, and end up having to pay for a month?

How many bad entries should you challenge at one time.
Challenge too many and the credit bureaus will spot you a mile away. Challenge too few, and it will take you longer than it has to.

If you owe money to a creditor, where should your first letter be sent - to the credit bureau or the creditor?
This depends on "how much you owe".

What should your letters say?
My course includes 11 proven letters and 2 negotiator agreements that are professional and get right to the point. They've worked for years and they'll work for you.

How should you send your letters?
Credit bureaus want you to use the Internet. Why? Simple, it saves them money, but not a good move.

What do you do when you don't receive timely responses?

Simple - follow the diagrams :) According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act bad items must legally be removed from your credit report.

How to get FREE credit report updates.
The credit bureaus won't tell you this, but you're entitled to FREE copies of your credit reports every time an item is changed or removed at your request.

OK, you're removing bad entries from your credit reports one-by-one... I told you it was easy.

Now what?

Are you interested in really SAVING MONEY!

This course will pay for itself many times over just by improving your credit, but I want this course to be the best investment you ever made.

Now listen carefully. If you have bad entries on your credit reports that are associated with over-due accounts, you're in luck. No, I didn't make a mistake. I said you're in luck!

That because you're going to learn how to negotiate and use your over-due accounts to your advantage...

If you don't have over-due accounts, that's great! You can skip STEP 2 and move on to STEP 3.

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"Your negotiating advice saved me a bundle..."

-- Jorge Castellanos

I had terrible credit and owed my creditors lots of money. But most of it was interest and penalties from not paying my bills on time.

Your course gave me the know-how and courage to negotiate with my creditors and come up with a plan that made sense for both sides.

As a result, my wife and I forgot all about bankruptcy and saved $1000s. Now we're shooting for a credit score in the 700s.

It's funny, we all negotiate on a daily basis. With our coworkers, our loved ones, really anyone that gets in our way. But when it comes to negotiating with creditors, everybody runs for the hills. Why?

Creditors are no different than anyone else. Actually, they're the easiest to negotiate with because they want their $$.

And I'm talking about saving 30-40% and getting a great credit rating at the same time...

Using your over-due accounts, you're going to learn how easy it is to:

  • Negotiate with your creditors
  • Reduce your outstanding balances, and...
  • REMOVE bad credit report entries associated with overdue accounts
Why's it so easy? Simple: "People want to get paid!" And something is better than nothing.

Are you saying: "OK, but how am I going to pull this off?" This is how... You're going to learn:

Who to talk to?
There's one simple question to ask. Don't ask it and your wasting your time.

The secrets of financial negotiating.
What are you going to say? Say the wrong thing, and your chances of negotiating are over.

Why time is on your side.
Is it possible that the longer you wait the better your chances are? Maybe, but not always.

What's negotiable.
Hint: Penalties and interest?

How to prepare for the phone call.

Think you're just going to get on the phone and wing it. It might work, but you've got a lot at stake here.

You'll learn how 2 minutes of preparation will put you firmly in the driver's seat. Know when to say "YES" and when to say "NO" without even thinking.

Okay, you can't believe it, but you've just negotiated your first deal - now what?
Get it in writing. Follow the diagram and use Agreement 1 or Agreement 2.

Bottom Line - When you're finished with this course, you'll know how to NEGOTIATE all sorts of things...

Now's comes the easy part. Just sit back and Follow-Up.

"Sometimes, all we need is a little push..."

-- Tony Duquire

I now have a credit score of 705, but without your help I couldn't have done it. Here's the important part - without your obvious sincerity and money-back guarantee, I would never have read or tried your course.


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STEP 3 - Follow-Up.

"Here's the secret to SUCCEED!"

Follow Up. Remember, you're going to find the follow-up process to be DEAD SIMPLE by following the step-by-step diagrams...

But let's talk about what's involved anyways... There's a hard part and there's an easy part...

Can you look at a calendar and put a big red "X" 30 days out? If so, you've just succeeded at the hard part, and that was, determining "when" to follow-up.

Now, let's look at the easy part:

1) Follow the diagram.

2) See what it tells you to do.

3) Do what it tells you to do.

4) Follow-up is complete!

If you don't agree that the follow-up process is DEAD SIMPLE, I want you to immediately return my course and ask for a full refund, because I haven't done my job.

Forget Credit Repair Companies...

Why would you pay a credit repair company $500 and up for something you can do yourself. And you know what? You'll do a better job...

You know why? Because it's your credit you're improving. Who do you think will do a better job? You, or an overworked employee juggling 100s of files?

And Negotiate? Do you think credit repair companies are going to negotiate with creditors the same way you will?

How hard do you think they're going to work? It's not their money and they get paid the same whether they save you a little or a lot?


Take Full Advantage of the Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee...

Everyone agrees...

You simply won't find a more hands-on, effective, total approach to repairing your credit and saving money at any price.

Enjoy peace of mind for only $29.95!

Don't wait - don't think about it for a couple of days...
Don't bookmark us to come back later...

Order Yours Now!

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