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According to the National Sleep Foundation, Americans are working more and sleeping less. But sleep shouldn't be considered a luxury, reserved for Sunday mornings or vacations. Sleep is a vital process, essential to restoring physical and mental health. Sleep enables the body to recover from illness and injury. It enhances our ability to concentrate and handle life's daily ups and downs. Sleep disorders can be mildly irritating or very dangerous. Sleep loss can make daily life more stressful and interfere with our ability to maintain relationships at home; it has cost the national economy billions of dollars annually in lost or unproductive work days. It can also be deadly: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that more than 200,000 auto accidents annually may be related to fatigue. Many things can contribute to insomnia, including stress, depression, anxiety, menstruation, breathing problems, arthritis and drug abuse. Many otherwise healthy people lead such hectic lives that they have difficulty settling down when they finally turn out the lights. There are a number of ways to put sleep disorders to rest, from meditation to medication. One hopeful note is a new sleep remedy called 4Sleep.

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